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Friday, June 22, 2012

Spotlighting Just Believe

This is a card from Terri's Technique Tuesday class.  It was a few months back that the Spotlighting Technique was done.  I had misplaced the card.  If you saw the mess in my workroom you would know how easy it is to misplace anything!  But this weekend I am working on getting it better organized and picked up.  I have been working on the den and have been filtering a lot of things through my workroom.  Now I have piles of papers and card stock to sort through and put away. SO in reality, I now have 2 messy rooms!!!  Why do you have to make a mess to clean one up?  LOL

Ok, lets talk about how to do spotlighting.  This one was done using just two colors.  Using two colors gives the card a very elegant look.  The flowers could have been colored in with markers. It's all in the look you are seeking.  

So the first thing you do is stamp the image in one color.  Then you stamp it in another color. You pick the area you want to highlight and you punch it out of the darker color.  Layer it on a coordinating color and set it in place where the image lines up on the first color.  It's very easy to do and creates a nice effect, doesn't it?  

Terri also shared a fun ribbon attaching trick.  I usually add my ribbon with either a Glue Dot or a Dimensional in the middle of the bow.  Terri showed us how she did it.  She put a Dimensional on each loop of the bow.  It lame the bow lay nicer and it didn't look wobbly!  I LOVED that idea!  Terri comes up with some of the most creative and extremely useful ideas!

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Runs with Scissors said...

Great card. I have done the spotlighting, but never with two colors. That looks fabulous. And thanks for the idea about the bow.

C.Good said...

Beautiful card will have to try this on one of my cards. Thanks for sharing.