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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blooming with Kindness Book Weekend Project

You know me and notebooks.  I just LOVE them. I love to buy them, make them and alter them!  What better way to alter a notebook than to do it with decorative papers and stamps?

Here I actually altered the notebook, though I have made notebooks like this in the past.  It is easy enough to do too.  You sort of follow the directions I did for the Post-it holder.  When you cut your cardboard for the front and back you will need to make a 3/4" strip and add the toothpick between the cardboards before you tape or glue the decorative paper in place.  You need to decide what size you want the inside papers to be and go from there.  Make sure you cut the cardboard 1/4" longer and 1/4" wider on the front and back.  This is the left side strip where the notebook will fold open.  Without it your notebook will open funny and the fold will probably be crooked.  

I glued the decorative paper in place using a glue stick.  I bent the fold right away before the glue set 100%.  I wrapped and glued the paper around the back side of the cardboard.  I trimmed the corners before folding them in.  

You will need to punch your holes in the front, back and on the pages for the inside so they all line up together.  I tied my pages to the covers using white Baker's Twine.  I also glued the front and back page of my papers to the inside cover.  It made it look more like a book doing that.

Then I decorated the front using the Blooming with Kindness stamp set.  The "notes" came from a personal stamp I had made for me a number of years ago.  I sure do get a LOT of use out of that stamp!  Probably because I make a LOT of notebooks!  LOL

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