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Monday, May 28, 2012

Notebooks Weekend Project

I'm working on getting my notebook stash built back up for the fall craft fair.  I just noticed that I have a shoe box size tote full of scrap card stock.  Most of my notebooks measure 2.5" x 2.5" so I can make quite a few with the scrap that builds up during the year.

These two notebooks measure 3" x 4".  Often I end up with excess copier paper and I will normally cut it 2.5" x 2.5" and sometimes there are odd sizes left and I will cut them a bit larger.  There's always some image that I would like to add to a notebook front.  And in this case that is what I did.

I SO love the Fabulous Florets set. I'm not all that fond of cutting out the images but will do it now and then.  The notebook in the back was made using the Fabulous Florets set.  The blue notebook was done using an Inkadinkado set I ran across in my carousel of hanging stamp sets.  I have a TON of stamp sets on that thing and I hardly use them.  As I was paging through the sets looking for something that had to do with graduation I saw this set and pulled it out.  This set is called Boxed Wishes.  There's 5 other images in the set and the next time I make notebooks this size I will probably head for that set.  Well, unless I find something new in the Stamping Up! sets I'm gong to get that will fit in that space!

I love making notebooks.  When I get caught up on things I may make blanks again for the web store.  Though I'm not sure there is much of an interest in them anymore.  I use to take orders for them and the covers were in any Stampin' Up! color but I got overwhelmed with orders and when there was a lull in the sales I quite offering them.  I LOVE the little 2.5" x 2.5" notebooks.  I use to use them for workshop gifts.  Anyway, I will be working on more of them soon.

Edited: Fabulous Florets replaced Field Flowers, an error in what stamp set was used.

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Kerry Joy said...

I believe the yellow notebook is Fabulous Florets set. I love it too and just cut out 3 of the flowers today. Not my favorite thing to do either, but they are great.

Kerry Joy said...

I believe the yellow notebook is done with Fabulous Florets. I cut out 3 of them today, myself. I don't stay awake at night in anticipation of cutting them out either but they are great aren't they.