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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Kindness Matters Birthday

The card I have for you today is from the "Kindness Matters" set.  I had made a card the other day that used this set but I opted for a different set because I didn't have that set.  Well, as it turned out I did have the set.  I thought I had the wood mount one but I had the clear block set.  So I do have the set!!!  But it is retiring, which is sad because I have not used it very much. I bought the set because I loved the butterflies!

My card today came from Terri's Stamp-a-Stack.  I LOVE going to the Stamp-a-Stacks.  You can make a bunch of cards in such a little amount of time!!  And you don't have to do any cutting either!!!  Ya gotta love that!

This was a very quick and easy card to make too.  I loved doing the background on it. We used an ink pad and a bunch of rubber bands all bound together and just dotted them on the card stock.  A fun and easy technique to do!

I'm SO looking forward to the Stamp-a-Stack that Terri is having this month!!!  She always has such great cards to make!!

Ok, I'm off to tend to garage sale stuff.  On Saturday our area (yes area, not neighborhood) has a huge garage sale.  The sign next to the highway reads 200+ houses but there is a lot more than that.  The sign has read 200+ houses for the 26 years we've lived here.  I usually don't do garage sales but this year I decided I needed to get rid of some stuff. I call the family together and they always have stuff to get rid of too so it's usually a pretty big sale.  I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of my Stampin' Up! sets.  I have hardly sold any of them since I had started being a demonstrator and now there are about 5 or 6 boxes full of them.  I was having a bit of separation anxiety when I was setting them out to price them.  I don't like giving up my stuff (hence the full house) but it's time to let some of it go!  And I'm sure I'll survive it!  LOL

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