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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have a Heart

Saturday is a benefit for my co-worker Caron. She needed a pacemaker and was scheduled to have one put in but her doctor backed out.  Caron has no insurance and when the doctor told her he was not going to do the operation we were all not only surprised but worried for Caron.  The battery in her current pacemaker was expired and she was just told that if anything happens to just call 911.  

Some time had passed and a new doctor stepped up and did the operation.  Caron is doing fine and this Saturday is the benefit.  I made two bracelets for the silent auction.  Both have hearts on them. The first one was just like this one except I used gold beads up the spine and some cranberry lined (greenish looking) for the leaves. It was pretty but not as pretty as this one turned out.  I LOVE the white background here.  I had gotten these hearts many years ago and in my sorting project (ongoing project) I have been putting all the heart beads I run across in a container.  I was surprised at how many I had.  The container is full.  I used one of the long Stampin' Up! clear containers to hold the heart beads.  I am having mixed feelings about these red hearts.  I have a few left and I wasn't sure if I wanted to know if the ones at Bead Basics were the same size and color as these are.  Do I want more hearts? Do I want more beads?  Want??  Ok, the correct word here is need!  Well, of course I don't "need" any more beads.  But want!  Yup, I always want more beads!  What beader doesn't?  I will more than likely get some more just to have them on hand.  It kind of defeats the purpose of using up things.  But then again I did have some left but not enough to make another bracelet.  See the battles I have with myself?  LOL  If I get some more I will make another bracelet like this one and put it up for sale in my web store.  I need to start getting more bracelets and other "stuff" in there so I can get some more fund generated to buy nice gifts for the family we shop for at Christmas time.  

I'm hoping that the bracelets go over well at the silent auction.  If you are in the Golden Valley Minnesota area on Saturday, stop in at Schuller's Tavern (7345 Country Club Drive) and check out the auction items!

I will have a very fun project for you to play with tomorrow so be sure to stop back!

Thank you every SO much for visiting today,

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