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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bath Fizzy Gift Boxes Weekend Project

I made a few of these gift boxes up for Mother's Day gifts.  I'll be making more to sell at a later date.  I want to have some made up for the fall craft fairs too.  

There are several ways you can make these.  You can make your own bath fizzies by using two small melon ballers and squishing the mixture together and setting them aside to dry or you can buy them (like I did this time).  I normally make my own but I usually make the bigger ones.  To find a recipe for the bath fizzies just do a Google search and you'll find a lot of them.  You can play with them and see which ones work the best for you and you can even come up with your own personal signature recipe for them like I did.  

Another thing you can do is to make your own box.  The box measures 2-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide v 1-1/2" deep.  I took the short cut on these and ordered the boxes from Clear Boxes .com.  I didn't have time to whip up a lot of clear boxes in a short time.  You can go to the Super Deluxe box maker website to enter in your measurements and it will print up a box for you that you can use as a template. Or if using card stock you can have it printed directly on your paper.  You really don't want to print directly to the window sheets because the black lines will show through.  And yes, you can print on the window sheets but it has to be with a laser printer and not a bubble jet.  So after my two short cuts of not making my fizzies and not making my boxes I began the assemblage.  

I took the fizzies and set them in some little paper candy cups.  They look like tiny cup cake papers.  I set them in the box.  The two fit perfectly in the 2-1/2" space but there was a bit of wiggle room between the fizzy and the roof of the box.  SO I just took some shirt board (it's cardboard like the stuff on cereal boxes) and cut it in strips to fit inside the box.  It took 9 of them stacked to make it so these fizzies did not move around inside the box.  I just taped the 9 pieces together and then wrapped them in some decorative papers that matched the color of the bath fizzy.  I have a lot of scrap decorative papers so it was nice to be able to use a lot of them up.  After wrapping the shirt board pieces I slid the piece inside the box.  Then I added the fizzies.

No, it's not done yet.  I needed to head on over to my computer and make an ingredients and caution label for the bottom.  I ALWAYS add these, even if I'm not going to be selling them.  I just printed out the words on a label and ran a bunch off so I can add them to all the fizzie gift boxes I make.  Oh and don't forget the part about keeping it away from children and because it looked like a food item I did include on it DO NOT EAT.  Ya just gotta add that stuff!!  Then I tied a ribbon around the box.  I had gotten a HUGE spool of ribbon from Paper Mart . com.  It is a very soft pink.  Much like the color of Stampin' Up!'s Pirouette Pink.  I just tied it in a knot and clipped the ends.  I added a printed and punched label to the top of the box.  But before I added it I had sponged the edges so it dressed it up a bit.  I wanted to do some card stock layers there but this was SO much easier and quicker.  I bought a box of 8-1/2" x 11" label paper.  I just print out what I want on the sheet and punch them out as I need them.  SO simple.  

I have a craft drawer full of bath fizzies waiting to be packaged up.  I'm hoping to get that drawer emptied this month!!!  I have dreams (or delusions) of getting a lot of the drawers in my craft room emptied!!  Wish me luck on that one!!!

These were fun to make.  It was very relaxing just to sit (except for getting up to cut some box board) and assembling the boxes.  I think they turned out nice.  I may make a few more up tomorrow and put them in the garage sale next week at cost.  There's always little kids shopping for something for mom for Mother's Day and this would be a nice inexpensive gift for them to get her.  

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You have such cute ideas and I find then so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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