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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick Post it Holder Weekend Project

 I'm about ready to go crazy here.  But why you ask?  LOL  This computer is driving me nuts.  I was able to rotate the top photo but not the bottom photo.  I figured it would be ok to post it sideways, you just have to turn your head to see it.  It went into my folder that way and when it was downloaded here it was right!  So I just roll my eyes, remind myself that my computer really is my friend and continued on with the post!!! LOL

So here I am, continuing on with the post.  And speaking of post, I decided to cover a Post it note pad for a friend.  What surprised me the most was I only had 15 minutes to come up with an idea, get it done, take the photos and get out the door!  It's amazing what one can do under such pressure, isn't it?  

I have this wonderful and fun Domestic Goddess decorative paper that I have hardly used and I know it will be retiring.  All of the decorative papers seem to retire after 1 year.  SO I looked through the pack and picked out this checkered paper.  It's so pretty and so easy on the eyes!

First I set the pad on my cutter to measure it.  Then I cut some white card stock.  I didn't cut it exactly though.  I left less than 1/8" on each side and I was going to trim the bottom piece off but I decided to leave it and add the "notes" there.  

Then I cut the decorative paper to fit the top and the remaining piece of it was long enough to cover most of the bottom part.  It was cut small enough so it wouldn't show that it's not long enough!

The "notes" layers were set in place using Dimensionals.

On the top of the notepad I set a fun flower I made using the Flower Daisies #2 die.  What a fun die that is!  I cut 2 of each size and off set them a bit before taping them together.  In the center of the flower I added a 3/4" round circle of Pumpkin Pie card stock and it was done.  I set the flower in place using 2 pop up glue dots.  One was not quite enough.  There's a pretty deep hole on the back side of the flower from all of those layers.  And you know, when you set anything in place like that with a pop up glue dot, it's NOT going anywhere!  

And there you have it.  A fun gift in less than 10 minutes.  It probably took me longer to take the photo and type this up than it did to create this little gem.  This would be a fun item for a Stamp Camp, a Make n Take or for your hostess or customer appreciation gift.  With a Christmas theme it would be great for stocking stuffers!

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Stampin Deva said...

Made one of these today (5-6), what a fun, quick and easy gift. Thanks for the inspiration