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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Has No Name

Here is one of my newest bracelets I designed.  The idea came to me when we were up in Duluth this past February.  

It was a lot of fun making it.  I loved how it started out and as I was working on it and trying to figure out where I was going it had some pretty interesting shapes and stitches to the end of it.  And as I worked on it, it began to take shape and this is what the final outcome is.  I wish I wouldn't have taken apart the original test piece one!  It was a mess but yet fun to see how it evolved into this!  I would try something and sort of like it so I'd leave it.  As I looked at it I would change it a little and sometimes add something more and sort of liked what I saw and continue on until I REALLY liked what I saw and then I stitched the same pattern for an inch or so and knew it was what I wanted.  I then started this bracelet and took the other one apart.  Like I said, I wished I would have kept it or at least have taken a photo of the mess!! LOL  It would have been fun for you to see how it evolved into what you see here. 

I will be writing up a pattern for this to put in my webstore soon and for me to teach class with as well.  I am looking forward to teaching this one.  It's easy enough because it's so repetitive.  I think my students will like making it and I feel that they will catch onto the pattern quickly and be happy with it too.  I LOVE watching the students make bracelets with my patterns.  Mostly because I am in awe of the colors they pick.  It's fun to see your creation in so many different colors.  At times I have to take a photo of their bracelets because I want to make one out of the colors they chose.  I have the photos but have yet to make the bracelets in those colors!!  I need a year with nothing else to do but bead!!! LOL

I will post to here when I put this in the webstore.  The sales from my bracelets are going towards the purchasing of Christmas gifts this year for a family of 5 children.  We want them to have a very Merry Christmas.  They come from a struggling family.  The dad works but his job doesn't pay well and they make enough to barely get by.  It's sad but we know we can brighten their holiday!  Anyway, I'll let you know when it's available!

And as the title of this post states, "It has no name."  I have not given the bracelet a name yet.  I'm drawing a blank but I'm sure I will come up with one before I finish making the pattern!

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Stampin Deva said...


I love it when you share your jewelry; it inspires me to get out my jewelry making supplies and make something myself.

Have a great day!

bensarmom said...

Wanda, that bracelet is gorgeous!