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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easel Card Technique Page

I know, it's about time for a technique page.  I've gotten so far behind them and on everything else in my life!  Do we ever catch up on things???  

This is a very fun Technique and I copied how Terri had done her file card for the gals at the Technique Class.  This was one of those techniques that is fun but I wasn't sure how to get the idea across but after Terri had made her file card I just did mine on a smaller scale.  I need to keep mine in a 2" x 2" space.  It worked out and that is the main thing.

To make an easel card you need to cut your card stock to measure 11" x 4-1/4".  Score and fold in the center on the long side.  Decide which will be your front and fold that piece in half taking the edge of the front and folding it towards the center fold, creating a "mountain fold."  

To decorate the card, take a piece of card stock and decorate it. You can layer it to add more beauty and depth to your card.  It's the same as making a card front.  Just keep the finished size 5-1/2" x 4-1/4".  Tape the bottom front fold.  Line the card front to that taped area and set in place.  

To help the card stay open (or leaning) you will need to add something to the inside.  An embellishment or paper layers will work.  I like to add a Dimensional under mine to get it some extra height and then I know the front flap is going to lean against it nicely.  Now, where to put that layer or embellishment.  I just find the center or close to the center and that is where I line up the top edge of my piece I'm using to hold the card open.

And that is it!  These are a very fun card to make and SO pretty and easy to display!!  

This technique goes into set #5.  I still have a few of some of the other sets still available or you can get the 4 sets on CD.  You can print the instructions out for your class, decorate them in class and even make a card sample in class.  It's your class you can run it as you please!  There is no limit to how many of these you can print out.  The CD also comes with photos of a finished technique page for reference.  You can get these in my webstore

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