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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I feel like I've been doing Valentine's "stuff" for weeks now and I'm all red and pinked out!!!  The day is finally here!

This card was from our DIVA Day swap.  It was designed by Cyndi.  I LOVE making cards that Cyndi brings because they always have a very rich look to them.  She has some favorite blogs she stalks and finds such fun and beautiful cards to make for the swaps!!

This one was done using the "Punch Potpourri" Hostess Level 1 set.  A set I don't have but am keeping my eye on should the opportunity arrive.  The heart in this set can be used for many other occasions other than Valentine's Day.  And there are three other images in the set, a butterfly, a set of 3 flowers and a bird.  All fabulous images to play with!

So back to the card.  The border was done with the Tulips Border embossing folder.  Embossing folders add such a wonderful look to a card.  You can take a solid white piece of card stock for your background and use an embossing folder and the solid white piece no longer looks so plain.  All without stamping.  On the Tulip Border the edges were sponged.  Pink ribbon was added and some Old Olive leaves from the "Two Step Bird" punch. 

I love the elegance of this card.  It was simple to put together and very fun to make too! It's one of those you can do in less than a half hour, from start to finish.  I'm sure that will include putting away your stuff when you are done.  I am still SO bad at that.  I was just digging though the pile of papers on my worktable to find this card.  UGH!  When will I ever learn to put things away when I'm done???  Is there hope for me?  I read a long time ago that it takes 6 times of doing something to create a habit.  6?  Really?  I beg to differ there!!  Maybe 6 consecutive times???  I'll have to whole heartily give it a try 6 consecutive times and see what happens on number 7!!!  Wish me luck on that one!

Thank you Cyndi for the beautiful card!

And Thank You for visiting my blog today,


Anonymous said...

A gorgeous Valentine card. Pink works wonders for this card. Thanks for sharing it with me (Cindi and Wanda).


lisa808 said...

tfs this beautiful card.