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Monday, February 07, 2011

SO Many Punches Valentine's Day Card

This is the card that my downline Teresa made for the DIVA Day Shoebox Swap.  I don't think I've ever seen a card made using SO many punches!!

How many punches did you ask? 

1. Well, first there is the arms and legs that were made using the "Word Window" punch.  And so is the white shirt part in the center of the body.

2. The hands were made using the "Itty Bitty Shapes" punch. 

3. The feet/shoes were made using the "Small Heart" punch. 

4.  The candy box in the left hand was made using the cupcake bottom from the "Build a Cupcake" punch.

5.  The flower stem is from the "Bird" punch.

6.  The petals on the flower are from the "Itty Bitty Shapes" punch.

7. The body is made using the "Ornament" punch. This punch was also used for the lapel.

8.  The head is made using the "1-3/8" circle punch.

9.  The colored part of the eyes and buttons are from the "Owl" punch

10.  They eyes and nose are made using the "Itty Bitty Shapes" punch.

11.  The hair is from the top part of the "Build a Cupcake" punch.

12.  And the bow tie is from the "Heart to Heart" punch.

I think that covered them all.  12 punches were used to make this card!!! 

No, it is 13.  The "Modern Lable" punch was used for the words!!

WOW, that's a lot of punches.  But then again it's really a WOW card, isn't it?

Thank you Teresa for creating such an adorable card!

And thank you for visiting my blog today,

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Rita said...

So darn cute!