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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupcake Box Weekend Project

The first photo is of the cupcake box I made for a friend.  She gets one little cupcake!!!  Some friend, huh?  LOL

And the other photo is of all the cupcakes I made for hubby to take to work with him! He was a popular guy and they all loved me!!! LOL

I had gotten a little cupcake maker for Christmas and this was the first chance I had to try it out.  What is nice about them is you don't have to heat up the whole oven. You can use those smaller boxes of cake mix for it or you can use a little of the batter and refrigerate the rest until the next day.  The little cupcake papers you get in the stores fit in it perfectly and it only takes about 8 minutes to make them.  Ok, 8 minutes to make 7 cupcakes.  I chose to use the whole batch of cake mix and it took me about an  hour and a half.  I know it would have been a lot less time using the regular oven but this was kind of fun plus I was cleaning up stuff in the kitchen in the meantime and I did get a lot of things cleaned up.  I have this awful habit of not going through all of the mail when I get it.  I pull out the bills and the movies (when they come) and set the rest aside.  SO I went through all of those papers.  I got the bills piled up to pay tomorrow and all the papers went in recycling.  I went through a few recipes and it was great to find my counter!  All of it!  And then it was full of cupcakes!

I frosted them with some pre-made frosting and sprinkled it with red colored sugar.  I had bought these pearlized pink hearts.  They were so pearly that the flash bounced back. I just couldn't get a good photo of them. 

Now for the box. You can make a box for anything if you know the size of the item.  Just measure the item.  Here I measured the decorated cupcake and the tallest part was 1-7/8" so I made my box so all sides were 1-7/8".  I usually make one from scrap copier paper first so I can get the overall size to cut the card stock.  After I cut the card stock I used the "I {Love} Love" wheel and Real Red ink for the design.  I scored my lines and clipped the sides for the flaps.  And before I assembled the box I folded the front and used the square punch to make the window.  Folding it helped make a bigger window. I glued in a piece of Window Sheet.  And I went to put the box together and the window sheet didn't stay. SO I re-glued the sheet with Crystal Effects. Something I should have used in the first place.  It would have saved me a lot of time.  I glued the box together, added the cupcake and tied a ribbon around it.  Boxes are simple to make. They are all made the same way.  It's just a matter of measuring, scoring and clipping.  And now it's ready for gift giving!  I'm still more fond of the die cuts but they don't always come in the size I want or need! 

I have a VERY fun little project for you in a day or two.  I have to finish it up. And no, it's not that it takes that long to make it.  It takes me that long to do it because I start it and set aside because something else came up and because I don't make just one!  I have to inflict them on the gals who come here to stamp!!  LOL  I promise you these cute little "things" only take a few minutes to make and you will be glad you stopped back.   

Thanks SO much for visiting today,

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lindaannga said...

Very cute cupcake box. I am into making cupcakes also. Do you have the layout design for that box? I would really love to make some so that my Hubby can take some to work.