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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Medallion Card Digital Studio Project

I copied the Simply Sent "Medallion Medley" card.  Well, not exactly.  On the original one the Medallions are embossed.  The background is also textured and has a bit of lightly faded wording in the upper right corner.  Plus it's got an aged look to it too. It's kind of a chalky dirty look but nice!

I just saw the original one today and it is SO much nicer than mine.  But at the time I made this I didn't have the original.  But what I did have was My Digital Studio and the Medallion download!!!  SO I played around with it and I did come up with this.  Like I said it's not exactly like the original but I needed to make a card and this is what I wanted.  It got the job done!

One thing I REALLY like about making digital cards is I don't have to worry about getting the image covered with ink and having it stamp perfectly. These images print out nice and solid!

It was fun playing around with the My Digital Studio.  I don't usually find a lot of time where I can sit and just mess around with it.  Doing that is the best way to learn on it too.  You really can't break it.  You can get lost in it, mixed up and even confused but you can't break it!  See what you can create!

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