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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Fellows Turtle

Sharon (who is such a sweetie) had gotten this as her Hostess level 2 set! I put the set together for her and I got to play with it! See, she's such a sweetie! I stamped a few images up and gave her back the set so she wouldn't forget to take it home with her. Though she did offer to leave it here with me to play with!!! I was fine with the images I stamped up so I let the set go home with her!

While she was here I did make her a card. If the images I stamped I picked the turtle to play with because I thought the Cuttlebug Square Texture background would fit perfectly with this. And I thought too, that this would be a fun birthday card for a child. It was a given that it was a birthday card because the wording is "birthday wishes...a little late." So it's a belated birthday card! Story of my life here lately, it seems that about all of my cards are late! A perfect image for me to use on cards! LOL
I colored the turtle in with various greens. I colored the shell in with the lightest green so the squares that were colored in show up better and they did!
The balloon image is from the "Family Accessories" set. I wanted to do something on that panel that was in "birthday" theme! It was just what that panel needed!
There was not a whole lot to making this card. It was quick and simple! And I sent it home with Sharon! I have a few more images to play with using that set once I find them on my messy worktable! I'd sure like to know who comes down in my workroom and messes it up when I'm sleeping! LOL
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