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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Finished Project

This project has been in the works for almost 2 years. I had made one of these frames and had it on a table for SO long. I had borrowed the stamp set from my sweet friend Katie. I even made her the first frame as a "thank you" for letting me borrow the set. I have plans on giving her back the frame next week. She will finally be able to have it on display this Christmas! It's about time!

I had all of the baby Jesus pieces made and baked. I had all of the images stamped and a few weeks ago I finished coloring them all in. I was on a roll and had NO excuse for not finishing them up.

I got out the colors of clay I needed and sat down at the dining room table and worked on the clay. I had my computer in front of me and turned on NetFlix and played some movies I had in my Que while I worked. It hardly seemed like working!

I finished the 24 boxes I had. I got them all put together and wrapped up for the November craft fair. I have not done a craft fair in a few years and feel a bit out of touch with it. But I'm sure it will go fine! I will be cleaning off the dining room table and will be starting some other clay projects. I forgot how much I love playing with the clay and how much fun it is!

I'm SO glad to be done with this project (finally) and it will be fun to move onto something else. And of course I'll show it to you. Hopefully I will have them all done instead of dragging it out for so long!
Click on the photo for a closer view!

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! These are the cutest little Nativities I've ever seen! Absolutely PRECIOUS! My heart, be still:)
Thanks so much for sharing!

mamaw said...

This is just so BEAUTIFUL. I am sure it will sell out quickly. Good Luck. ~~Debbie~~

PepPop said...

These are so cute and I'm sure they're gonna sell really well. I love their little faces. Jaqui x

Shari Nelson said...

Wow, these are so cute! Nice job! I think you will sell all of these at your craft fair!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! these are too cute Wanda! I collect Nativity sets and will love to be at that fair to get one of yours!!!! lovely! Jannette