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Friday, September 10, 2010

Greeting Card Kids Christmas Card

When I first saw this set the Campbell's Soup kids came to mind and I passed the set over. Now as I see more things done with it I am really starting to like this set. This was one of the cards from last month's DIVA day. This one was made by our mighty leader Sue! She is such a talented lady! I still have more from DIVA day but have not had time to post them all here yet.
I LOVE the richness of this card. The decorative paper is from the new "Deck the Halls" paper pack. I've used this paper recently on a card. It's SO pretty. I have to give some kudos to Sue for using her paper for the swap. My pack is new and I do tend to hoard right away. But I have learned to let go but only after a few weeks!!
I also love the distressing on the bottom part of the card. I need to purchase that distressing kit. It's on my wish list!
I love the brad on the card and I liked how we used the silver Smooch Accent ink to color in the white of her coat. I have not purchased that yet either. Once again, it's on my wish list! Anyway, this ink just made the card even more adorable, if that was at all possible.

The ribbon was stained with the Cherry Cobbler ink pad. It gave it a very vintage look.

The edge of the circle was distressed too. I think I may color in the Christmas tree. I am not sure. I like it with just the star colored in but I may just go ahead and add a bit of color to it.

The Color Spritzer Tool was used to make the "splatter" on the circle. I think that is such a fun tool. I do own one and I have used it a lot. Though it is one of those things I put away and forget about for a while until a card like this comes up and then I remember I have it. It's so easy to use and it creates some wonderful effects on cards!
This was a very fun and beautiful card. Thank you Sue for designing it and also for allowing me to share it with everyone! We meet again this Sunday and I can't wait to see what card she has for us this time! No pressure or stress there Sue! LOL

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