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Monday, February 08, 2010

Being Frugal Card Holder

Ok, you know me. I just can't throw anything away before it's time!!! I was suppose to be cleaning off my one worktable to make room for a project I need to do and I need BIG space to do it. As I was cleaning off the worktable I had the container to the largest clear acrylic block Stampin' Up! sells. I tossed my cards and envelopes in it for safe keeping. Then it dawned on me I should just make a set of 4 cards and envelopes and sell it like that. What a perfect container for the cards. And the envelopes fit in there perfectly too. Now this container is tall enough (or thick enough) that you can fit more than 4 cards and envelopes in it. I'm guessing it would hold at least 6 or 8 cards and 6 or 8 envelopes depending on how many layers are on the cards.

It's a great way to use that container!! You can even fill it full of a variety of cards and give it away as a gift or make it a door prize. I didn't save the packaging that came with it. I wished I would have. I would like to make a background for the container. I can still do that but now I have to measure! But wouldn't it make a great gift for someone? A few birthday, get well, wedding and thinking of you cards and envelopes!!! That way you can fill it up too. I may just pull the cards I have in there and make it into a gift. I'm liking that idea more and more all the time.

Be creative with your "trash," you never know what you can do with it until you try!

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mudmaven said...

You are such a clever girl and so ecologically friendly too! Recycle is the name of the game. ~chris

Anonymous said...

When I make my cards, I make 20 of the same card. I use a few of those plastic boxes to store all of the parts needed to make the card. That way when I am ready for a road trip, dr appt etc, I just grab the box, tape, scissors and I'm out the door. Also great for storing Copic Markers in.
Janine A