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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sizzix Die Milk Carton Tote

I demonstrated how to make this tote at the Stamp Share last Saturday. I designed it way back in December and had to sit on it until after the Stamp Share. Well, I really didn't "have" to sit on it but I chose to because I wanted it to be new to the group. I saw a few other blogs post their versions of the tote and to me it then became "old stuff." But I stuck with it and demonstrated it anyway.

This tote is designed in two parts. That way if you only want to make a tote that holds two it is easy enough to do. And if you want a tote like this you just attach the two pieces together. I designed a fun sleeve to hold the two pieces together too. It gives the tote some needed stability and it is a great way to decorate both sides of the "handle" part.

I am unable to post the PDF file for this tote here so if you'd like it please email me and I'll get it to you in a reply email. The instructions are for the tote, an insert and the sleeve and are detailed! The insert is a piece of card stock folded so it separates the milk cartons. It also holds them in the tote a bit tighter too so they don't fall out very easy.

This is a "Bath" tote. I filled the milk cartons with Bath Salts, Soap Petals, Bath Fizzies and a nail brush. Just some fun little things that make a wonderful gift. The paper I used is from the Stampin' Up! Decorative Paper pack "Shades of Spring." It's such a pretty pack of papers. I always struggle with decorative papers that have large designs on them. This tote sleeve was perfect for something like that. And I LOVE the colors. Definitely says "spring" to me. We just got a fresh blanket of snow this week, which I love but I am looking forward to spring. Mostly the beginning of spring with the cool winds and the wonderful smells in the air.

These totes make great gifts and with the die cut you can whip these out in no time. They may even be a refreshing item to sell at Craft Fairs. I have not seen any at Craft Fairs and I always look to see what is new. They make great gifts, teacher gifts and even a wonderful door prize!

Have fun with these!

Thank you for visiting today,


stampin along the way said...

Oh Wanda!!! Another amazing creation! I would love the pdf...I will email you now. Have a great weekend.

Kim said...

Hi Wanda

I posted my cartons today with the template for the tote you so generously gave to me. I emailed you my projects but I am afraid it may have gone to your spam box?? Just wanted you to check it out! Thanks again, I know my class is going to love this!!

patm said...

I would love the pdf file for the milk carton tote it is so cute.

Arnodl Medical Weight Loss said...

These are sooooo cute!!!!