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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Faux Snake Skin Technique Page

My goal this month is to get the last three technique pages done in this third set. And after today I only have two left to make!!! I'm thinking positive here and I know I can get these done. I know a lot of you are waiting SO patiently for them. SO I will try my hardest to get these done this month!

Now for this "Faux Snake Skin Technique". . . . First of all I have to say ewwwwww. When Sue, my upline showed this to me earlier this week I was grossed out and curious at the same time. LOL This technique really does look like snake skin. SO I make up a sample and show my hubby. Now I thought he's be like me (not in the ewwww department) but would say "wow, that's great! But no. He didn't seem interested in it at all. I asked him if it looked like snake skin and he said it did but it was too thick. I told him it was a technique and I was not duplicating a real snake skin. *note to self. . . don't show hubby these anymore!*

Anyway it does look real, real enough to make you want to wash your hands after you touch it!

It's very easy to do too. You need a paper towel that has some texture to it. You'll have to shop around. Just look at the closer photo of the technique and you will see the texture. Don't worry if the paper towel is quilted, you will be making that part go away by misting it.

After you mist the paper towel you will be using VersaMark on it. Now I don't know if this is the way it's suppose to be done but this is the way that made it work the easiest for me. After the VersaMark you will be dragging your ink pads over the paper towel. Don't drag too hard, the damp towel could rip. Oh and cut your towel a bit bigger than you need. The process tends to make the piece a bit smaller. Once you get all of the colors on you want then you sprinkle it with clear embossing powder and heat set it. Add more VersaMark and embossing powder and heat set it again. I don't recommend you use the Ultra Thick Embossing Powder, it will cause the valleys in the paper towel to fill up and become a smooth surface. It's a look you don't want.

You can also surf the net for snake skins and see some interesting colors and patterns too. When I was dragging my ink pads, I used Going Gray across the whole thing. Then I added More Mustard and Chocolate Chip. I wiggled them across the paper towel a bit to give it an even more realistic look. I think it worked. It creeped me out when it was done!! It's the embossing powder that will make the paper towel appear to be more clear and giving it that "skin" look. YUCK!!! LOL Does it look real to you?

Have fun with this technique. I think I'm going to try a card with it this weekend. It would make a great masculine card and of course a card for a little boy too. What little boy wouldn't like a cool feeling card like this?

I have two more pages to do and this set will be complete. Thanks for your patience.

You can purchase the CD of the first two techniques in my webstore. You can use them for your Technique Clubs or Technique Classes. They are in a PDF format and all ready for you to print, cut and use!

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Anonymous said...

ewwww...your snake skin looks SO real!

Noreen said...

It looks like you put the actual snakeskin there! You have some great technique pages. Thanks for sharing them.

*Susan* said...

Ooo, this is amazing! Love your Tech Pages and *so* glad that I haven't missed the third set!