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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Heart Box

I am SO excited to share this with you. A couple of weeks ago at Terri's FABULOUS Stamp Camp she had this adorable Valentine's heart box for us to make. I wasn't able to get very far on mine before I had to leave. I had to pack up everything and hope I'd find time at home to work on them. When I got home I set the bag on a chair in my workroom so I would be sure not to misplace it.

Today I was able to play with the box!!! It was made using two hearts from the "On-board Hearts Book." We covered them with the new "Sending Love" decorative paper (which I just LOVE!) and Pretty in Pink card stock.

The only problem I had making this box was that darn "Sticky Strip" tape. Well, it wasn't so much the tape but that red protective "stuff" that covers the sticky part of the tape. My house is SO dry and my hands are dry as well. This stuff had a horrible case of static cling! I have this little card stock tote on my table for bits of trash and I would "try" to put the red "things" in it and they would cling to my hands. I did manage to get them in the tote by sliding it along the edge and it would cling to the next one. All was going well until I tipped the tote over! I felt like "Meteor Man!" I swear these things jumped out of that tote and covered my hand. I should have taken a photo of that but it was my right hand and it's the one I need for taking photos!!! What a nightmare. Well, after getting those buggers off my hand I put on some non-greasy lotion and just shook my head at myself. Why didn't I put the lotion on before I started??? Some of the important lesser lessons we learn in life!!!

So back to the FABULOUS box. We cut our paper and placed it on both sides of the heart. We snipped the strips and taped them in place for the "box" part of it. I got it all together, put the lid on and was thrilled that it all fit together SO nicely!!! Isn't' it just adorable? I thought I would fill it with some candies and give it to hubby on Valentine's Day. He gets it because that way it will stay at home with me!!! He'll just give it back to me when it's empty!! It's just to adorable to give away!! Thank you Terri for the fun and FABULOUS "Heart Box!"

Thank you all for visiting today,


Cindy said...

The heart box is beautiful! I love that DSP too. I also have that static problem with that sticky tape! Love the project!

Anonymous said...

What a darling heart box! The background paper is so pretty; maybe because I like pink paper..... LOL Thanks for sharing your idea with us.


Mrs Bs Blog said...

I love the heart box, it`s lovely. Hugs Val xxx

Kelly said...

Hi Wanda!

Love the heart shaped box...I love everything you create! Here's a helpful tip regarding the removal of the red protective layer of sticky strip when it clings to you. Place some double sided tape on scrap paper before beginning your project. Then each time you remove the red layer from your sticky strip, place it on the tape! No more cling!


Anonymous said...

I love this box Wanda, very cute! I've seen these all over the internet but don't quite understand how you make the box part. It looks like a 12" strip molded around, would you or could you share how that was made or direct me to a tutorial on hwo it's done? I'd love to make one :)

Julie B said...

I love the beautiful heart box. I love the dsp also. Is there a tutorial for the heart box? I would love to try to make one for my granddaughter.

Angie said...

I just found this box on Pinterest. I had the same problem with the red tape. When it finally ran out, I bought Scor Pal tape on No shipping fees because I opted to pick it up at the store. I love the heart box. So cute!