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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Technique Tuesday Technique Page

WOW!!! Don't fall over. Two techniques in one month!!! And within 7 days of each other too. I must be getting serious about this Technique Tuesday thing!!! Well, we will know more about that next Tuesday!!! LOL

This a very fun technique that works well not only for backgrounds but for focal pieces too. All you need is a template, a stylus and a light source. I used a light table for my work. It was easier for me than standing at my window working. Especially when you are making over 30 of them!!! Pop a movie in the DVD player and emboss away!!! I like dry embossing better than heat embossing because I don't burn my fingers on this technique!!!

I took a little chalk on a Q-tip and rubbed the color on the raised area.

This is a very easy technique to do too!!! The possibilities are endless with this one!! This is the 12th page in this set (only 8 more to go until this third set is complete!!!) You can see more technique pages here.

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Unknown said...

Great technique;)