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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Technique Tuesday Technique Page

This is a fun technique I saw while I was blog hopping a while back. It's "Faux Embossing Folder" technique. It gives the impression of having been embossed using those plastic embossing folders. I LOVE using those folders. They sure can enhance the background of a card or scrapbook page.

For this one I used the "Heart to Heart" punch by Stampin' Up! You can use any stamps you need to create a background to go with the theme of your work. The main thing to know with this technique is to be sure to glue the edges down securely or it will just look like a punched piece glued onto a piece of card stock. You will not get that embossed effect you were looking for.

I would VERY much like to try to keep Tuesday's for "Technique Tuesday" and do a page a week. Now wanting to do this and actually doing this might be a feat in itself. You see, I am not only making one page, I am making a total of 31. One for my techniques book and 30 to sell. SO it takes me a while to get all the pages done. I like to get them to the point to where they are ready to tape and then I take them with me on day trips or when I take my mom to the doctor and need to wait in the waiting room. I get a lot of taping done then!!! You would LOVE my setup in the car (as a passenger of course!!!). I have this fun mat, it is for cutting on one side and ironing on the other. I set the ironing side on my lap (because it's nicely padded) and I set up my little DVD player with it's battery all charged. I plug in the headphones and pop in a movie. Then I slide my seat back and I have room on the cutting mat for the DVD player and my pages!! I sure can get a lot done on the road!! And hubby enjoys the peace and quite, except for a laugh now and then depending on the movie!! LOL

Anyway, this is the 11th page in the third set of pages! Only 9 more to go and the set is complete and will be ready for sale!!!

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JustNeedling said...

Great technique! Thank you for sharing!

Sara Paschal said...

I love this tech, don't use it much the folders are easier;) LOL, and I am all about easy these days.