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Sunday, September 06, 2009

I See Stars!

This is the card that Sandy designed for the Sunday Shoebox Swap. This one (for me) was a bit tricky. But after I examined the original I did manage to figure out it. This card has two folds, one on each side. Hmmm, wouldn't that make it a "tri-fold" card then??? LOL

When you open it up the side that goes in first is the one that has the textured card stock and the button on it. Very clever card. Oh and I did learn to add the button after you have assembled the card. You can get them centered better!!! I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to finally figure out that simple thing!!! LOL It's such a cute little card. All folded up it measures 4" x 4".

Such a fun little card. The words at the top read "What can I say? You made my day!" Isn't that just the sweetest? Oh and I LOVE the colors on this card too!!! Great job on this Sandy!!! Thanks for bringing such fun talent to the group!

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Sara Paschal said...

This is such a fun card, I would get confused on this one also it is hard to sit down at a shoe box swap and make cards and not talk;)

Jodi Collins said...

This is DARLING! LOVE the colors and all the stars!!!