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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Folds & Tears!

I am SO into folding my card stock in half and decorating away. I need to step outside of my comfort zone now and then and try different things!!! Here I did fold the card stock in half but I also gave it another little fold and then tore the card stock. I don't tear card stock half as much as I use to do.

To do this fold I cut my card stock (Rich Razzleberry - again!!! LOL) in half on the shorter side. Cutting it at 4-1/4". I scored that cut piece at 5-1/2" and then I slid it down a bit on the scoring mat and scored it again at 8-3/4". I then tore that flap in half, sort of. You don't want it to be perfect so just tear and guide it a little to keep it fairly straight.

I used the Daisy Dash wheel (finally). I'm such a collector of wheels and there are a few I have not used and this happened to be one of them. But not anymore!!! I covered a piece of card stock measuring 3" x 4" with the daisys and dashes!!! This piece is taped on under the flap and centered along the side and bottom edges. Before you tape it you need to punch out the slots for the ribbon with the Double Rectangle punch. Tape the white wheeled piece in place and punch out the slots that show through from that white piece. Once you do that you can either tie the bow on or you can tape the flap and then tie the bow. For mine I just tied the bow. I didn't think it needed to be taped. Once the bow was tied on the flap was never going to open!!! I suppose the edges could curl but they shouldn't curl much if at all so I'm just going with the bow!!!

For the 4" x 5-1/4" inside white piece I struggled with it. First I used the wheel and thought I would do the background just like the flap. I did but I had the "stripes" going the wrong way. SO I cut another piece of card stock and got them to go the right direction. I set it in place and heard myself say a big "YUCK!!!" Then I thought it has to be lighter so I inked off on the wheel and wheeled on the design. I set it on the card and once again I heard myself say a big "YUCK!!!" What to do, what to do???? Why can't it be just white??? It really should not have much design on it, especially if you want to write on it!!! So just white it was. Well, that was just TOO bright so I sponged the edges and it was enough. SO since I sponged the edges on that piece I needed to sponge the edges on the front piece. I removed it and sponged the edges and was careful about lining up the holes when I set it back in place. Such a struggle for a "simple" looking card!!! LOL

I used the "enjoy" from the Stampin' Up! "Enjoy Every Moment" set. This part was actually the easier part of the card. Maybe not so much easier as it was less trouble for me to do!!! Gosh!!! After I got it all stamped, sponged and layered I thought the center of the "o" needed something. I took out the "Trio Flower" punch and punched out a single flower. I pierced the center and added a pink rhinestone brad and it was just what the card needed. Just a touch of bling!!!

The card needed just one more thing!!! I know, when do you say enough is enough??? I thought the inside could use a little something so I took floewr from the "Enjoy Every Moment" set and stamped it in the inside on the bottom right corner. And I finally called it done. But was it really??? Not according to my friend Ann. The envelope needs to be stamped, right Ann??? She stamps on her envelopes all of the time and they are wonderful and when I send out cards I never stamp on my envelopes. I'm just to into making the card I forget about the envelope. I did to that once and then when I finally wanted to use the card I had no idea where I put the envelopes!!! SO Ann, sorry but I won't be stamping an envelope for this one today!!! LOL

So here it is, all done and ready to go in the mail!!! Now that I know what I'm doing here I think this would be a pretty quick card to make. Too bad the flowers from the wheel didn't show up better. But you can see them a little and they do go with the flower inside the "o".

Now I'm off to clean up my work tables so I can pull out the majority of my retired stamp sets and get them priced for the Retirement Party on the 10th of July. After that party then the remainder of the stamp sets will be put in my web store. You may want to take a look over there now. I had entered for me quite a few single stamps from various companies. Most of those stamps are new!!!

Thank you for muddling through with me on this one!! Happy Stamping,

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Unknown said...

I know what you mean the first creation of something new takes me forever;) then the rest are a piece of cake.