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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog Candy Winner!

I bet you thought I forgot to announce the Blog Candy winner!!! Well, I did remember it once today but I didn't get on my computer. I'm SO frustrated with this computer. It's a Compaq laptop. I get no warning noise when the battery runs low, not even a flash of the screen. The screen goes black. Then you plug it in. Now you'd think the screen would come back and you could resume on AC. Nope. You have to reboot the whole system to get it back. Oh but that's not the worst of it. When it finally comes back on it's in Classic Mode. Classic Mode is the screen with the HUGE icons. And because it's so huge some of my other icons are now buried below the screen line so you can't see them. I have to go into Control Panel and click on the screen resolution so I can move it back to the highest resolution. Now here is where there should be something to click on to make this default. GRRRR. It's SO frustrating. I don't know if this is part of the ongoing list of VISTA issues or not. I don't like going on the computer when I have to use this one. And the design in it has a bit of a flaw too. The mouse (which is centered below the keyboard is almost flush with the part where your palms rest on so your the palm part of your thumb will brush against it and the next thing you know your cursor is somewhere else on your screen. Anyway, I'm online, I've got the computer running and charging and I used the random number generator and got a winner of the stamp set plus other "stuff" I've gathered along the way!!!

The winner is Joyce Spear and here is her comment:

"I am most definitely a card maker, as I've never even attempted a scrapbook page! (Not sure if that's wisdom or cowardice, lol!)I love visiting your blog daily... great ideas! Thank you so much!"
Do you think we'll ever convert her to scrapbooking??? Will I convert?? I did take my scrapbook out the other day and looked at the blank pages. I haven't clue what I want to do with it yet but I have a feeling that once I figure it out I won't want to stop!!!
Anyway, Joyce please email me with your snail mail and I will get the package mailed off to you.

Thank you all for playing along. There's more blog candy coming in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!!!


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reeree62 said...

Congrats to Joyce!!!