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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matchbox Die Cut Box!

I made this adorable box using the new "Matchbox" die cut that will be for sale from Stampin' Up! on April 1st!! No foolin'!!!

When assembled it measures a little over 2-1/2" x 2" For mind I cut out the bottom using glossy card stock because I was going to stamp something on it and color it in. I didn't because I didn't want to take away from the view of the contents. I had used a scrap piece of acetate for the cover part of the box. I just ran it through the Big Kick and out it came all cut and scored!!!

This is a fun little box. The bottom doesn't need to be taped at all. It's designed to fold in the long sides first and then the ends and it's all secure! Ingenious design!! The cover is a sleeve that goes over the box, hence the name "Matchbox!"

I can crank out tons of these things for gifts and it will be perfect for the bracelets I make too!!! This may be a die cut I will wear out. I'm still trying to figure out when that will be with a few of my other ones I use ALL the time. The just last and last. Gotta LOVE that!!

Ok, for my box. I stamped, colored and cut out 3 carrots using the stamp I had from Inky Antics. I always dig it out this time of the year!!! I tied some Pumpkin Pie ribbon around the box and glued the carrots in place. You know what I LOVE most about coloring things I cut out??? You can go outside the lines and no one knows!!! And in coloring things like that, when I'm doing more than one I LOVE to color outside the lines, it go so much faster!!! And I'm REALLY good at coloring outside the lines!!!! LOL

Inside the adorable box are the cutest carrots. Gummy carrots!!! I got them from Oriental Trading. They were $5.95 (I think or maybe less) and you got 56 pieces. Not a bad deal. SO I'm going to be making a bunch of these for Easter!!! Isn't it just adorable???

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Okispice said...

These will make wonderful Easter gifts. Sooo very cute!

Diane said...

How cute!!! I'm pretty good at coloring outside the lines too,lol!

Unknown said...

Your bracelets are going to look great in these boxes. Yummy, carrots now these I would eat.

Anonymous said...

How cute!! This is so adorable!! TFS! ;)