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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spice It Up!

Literally!!!  I am such a recycler.  I believe that you should use an item at least one more time before you have to put it in the recycling bin or toss it.  This spice jar is one of those "toss" items.  But it's SO cool because it's got a built in grinder on the top.  I removed the label and tossed it all in the dishwasher.  It came out nice and clean and I was happy because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I mixed up a batch of my chicken herb seasoning and put some in the grinder.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do the label.  I knew the computer and printer would be involved since I don't have a stamp that reads "Poultry Seasoning."  And I don't think I've ever seen one like that either!!!

I had just gotten the "Lots of Tags" die cuts and there was one in there that I was intrigued with!!!  It fit with the large oval punch so I was all set.  I printed out the words using the Always Artichoke RBG code.  Then I punched out the oval.  I ran the die cut through the Big Shot and I was ready to do the final details and put it on the jar.  I sponged the oval piece, it was just too white looking without it.  I used the Anywhere Glue Stick to stick the die cut tag part to the jar.  I wrapped a rubber band around the tag and jar and allowed the glue to set up.  Then I glued the oval to the tag and again I wrapped the rubber band around it until it was dry.  It's all set in place exactly where I want it but it was still missing something.  I added a ribbon and tied a bow and that completed the jar.  Now if I were to fill my spice rack with these I would certainly NOT put the bows on.  They would eventually get dirty and look awful.  But this one is for a gift so I thought the bow would look cute.  I didn't glue it so it can be removed.

SO try to recycle things at least once before you send them to the recycling bin or the trash can!!!  There's treasures to be found in everything.  Well, in most things!!!  LOL

These would make great gifts and even a great Stamp Camp item if you can get enough spice jars saved!!!

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Unknown said...

YUMMY, this is so very cute and green. Great job!

mudmaven said...

This is adorable! What a great gift idea. I have boxes of containers (my husband keeps calling me a container freak) that are just waiting for this kind of treatment. Great idea! ~chris

Susie said...

How about sharing your recipe for the poultry seasoning.

Anonymous said...

OK, so what is "Always Artichoke RBG code" I am a stamper that uses my color laser printer all the time, but assumed I had to have black.

Erika M. said...

Totally love this idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spices Wanda! I tried them yesterday and they were delish! Sue Lehrer