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Monday, March 09, 2009

DIVA Challenge!

Every time the DIVA's meet Sue has a challenge for us. Some of them are pretty easy and some of them difficult. This one was in between!!!

She gave us a clear disk. It's the size of a CD. It probably came from a stack of CD's, one of those "things" that are put in for protection. And lucky Sue had a bunch of them to challenge us with!!!

I didn't think of making mine until the night before!!! LOL Nothing like procrastinating!!! I'm sticking with that one. It's actually that I totally forgot about it but let's go with procrastination!!! LOL

I took my disk and I heated it with my embossing tool. The same way you'd do on an old cd. When I could tell it was hot enough I cut it on my paper cutter. To tell if it's hot enough you just watch for color changes, warping or any other thing that caused the disk to look different. Be careful not to get the heat tool too close to the plastic, it will catch fire. And I don't mean burn, I mean igniting flames!!! If you have not worked with this much you may want to have a nice glass bowl of water very close to you in the event of flamage!!! I personally have not caught one on fire. YET!!! I did catch a guitar pick on fire once. Talk about stink!!!! And of course I was working with water close to me and I just dropped it in the water. Grabbed a new pick and started all over!!!

Ok, back to this challenge. After I cut the disk I heated it up again and I stuck it in my RubiCoil punch machine and punched the side holes. Now it would have been great to have my new circle cutter but it hasn't arrived yet so I had to trace the circle on copier paper and cut them out. And I also traced it on a piece of white chipboard and cut it out for the back of the "book" I was in the process of making.

I decorated the front using the Stampin' Up! "Circle of Friendship" retired hostess set. I had stamped the image on a piece of glossy white card stock, then I traced the circle. I wanted to make sure I got the image as centered around the hole in the middle of the disk as I could. Then I cut some of the decorative paper from the Sale-a-Brations offerings. I taped it on the glossy card stock. I colored in the flowers with markers and sponged the edges in Bashful Blue.

I did cut out the center of the glossy card stock so I could run the ribbon through and around. I brought the ends back up in front and tied the bow. As I was threading the coil through the holes I had to use my paper piercing tool to make the holes in the ribbon. It was pretty simple to do. I bent the edges of the coil to secure it and it was all done. A fun little notebook from a piece of recycled plastic!!!

You won't believe what she gave us this time!!! I had stopped over there to drop off my challenge project and I came home with the new challenge!!! UGH!!! We don't meet next month so it gives me two months to set it aside and work on it the night before!!! LOL This time I'll take a photo of the item BEFORE I alter it!!

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mudmaven said...

Very cute. Great way to recycle! Wonder if it would work on old cds just as well? ~chris

Anonymous said...

Very very cool!! I made a blueberry book similar to this not too long ago on my blog!! :) I used my bind-it-all and coasters though!! This is a very clever idea!!

Erika M. said...

Awesome idea!

Unknown said...

This is a great notebook, I have not tried any CD's yet I bet it is a fun challenge.