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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Off to See the Wizard!!!

There is a gal I know who LOVES the "Wizard of Oz." SO I thought I'd make her a bracelet with some photos I found online.

I printed out the photos on my computer using photo paper. Regular copier paper, even the #28 good quality stuff does not do a photo justice like photo paper does. I did use copier paper to test my photos first before the final draft!! I didn't want to ruin the photo paper. And I had to adjust photos to get them small enough to fit.

Once the photos were printed and dry I punched them out using the 1/2" round punch. I then set them in place on top of my prepared brads. I used the brads from the "Build A Brad" set. To prepare them you need to open the prongs, snip a about 1/4" off the end and then curl the end up to make a loop for the jump ring to attach to. I secured the photos with a touch of Crystal Effects. Once I got done adding all the photos I put the clear acrylic pieces from the "Build A Brad" set on top. They are self-adhesive so I just peeled them and set them in place.

Then I opened up the jump rings and linked the pieces all together. I added two red brads on either side of Dorothy. I wanted to give it a "ruby" look. An emerald green would have worked with this theme too! I added a lobster clay clasp and it was done. I'm a bit disappointed in it though. I wanted jump rings to match but I couldn't find any. I did get a brainy idea to take a piece out of the Hodge Podge Hardware set and I was going to open it up and make my own jump rings. Well, I pulled a piece apart and had such a time cutting it. I never did get a piece cut off it so I gave up and went with gold jump rings. I didn't have much of a choice!! She'll be too awestruck to even notice the different colors of metals!!! Well, that's what I'm hoping for anyway!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

That is a very clever idea! It looks so cool! I just wonder if the brads will be scratchy underneath at all.

ScrapnVA said...

How Clever and Creative! TFS

Unknown said...

THUD, my chin just hit the floor. This is amazing, I so have to
CASE this for my niece she is a Wizzard of Oz collector and would love this.

Dorothy said...

Soo cool Wanda! And that's coming from somebody named DOROTHY!!!
Love it! THanks for sharing!

dasimonds said...

Great Job!!
It looks stunning!!
Wonderful Idea!!

Anonymous said...

One of the amazing aspects of the way you designed it is the effect of the pictures. It looks just like the pictues the Wicked Witch pulls up in her crystal ball when she is threatening Dorothy. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Your subject line captured my attention right away. I love The Wizard of Oz. Great project.


Michelle Tweedy said...

You are just too cool! This bracelet is fabulous. Great job once again!