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Monday, April 07, 2008

Six by Six It!

I'm posting something totally different here for a change. I was trying to look back on previous posts to see if I have ever put any 6" x 6" recipe cards on here. Then it dawned on me to look at the labels on the right side of the blog. DUH!!! I have only one other recipe card on here. Such a shame, they're SO fun. And the BEST part is I know where to find my favorite recipes!! Here's the link to the one lonely other recipe card. It's for Monster Cookies and they are REALLY good too. I usually just make them at Christmas time now!

I have a wonderful recipe for Mandarin Orange cake and I was trying to clean off my worktable and ran across the "Tart & Tangy" stamp set and realized I have not played with the orange much. Well, then this cake recipe came to mind and the next thing you know I'm making a 6" x 6" recipe card for my album. These are SO much fun to make as a swap item. That is how my album got started, at one of Terri's Stamp Shares and I've loved the whole concept since!!!

What is fun with this is summer family picnics. Everyone brings their favorite dishes to share and no one brings the recipe. Well, this year ask everyone to either bring you their recipe or have them email it to you. I would prefer the email part so you don't have to type it, just cut and paste!! I'm SO lazy can you tell? LOL And then make the pages and put the album together for the family for Christmas or for the next year's reunion. Once people get their hands on these they want more!

It's such a fun way to display your favorite recipes. Plus they are in protective sleeves ( the 6" x 6" ones are available through Stampin' Up!) and once in those sleeves they are pretty protected. Just a word of warning here. Try not to make your page interactive. Meaning, don't make a pocket and place a recipe card in it. That would mean you'd have to go into the sleeve to get it out to use it or to even read it. Try to keep the entire recipe on one level/layer so you just read it through the sleeve. It will help keep the recipe nice and it's easier to access it, especially with sticky hands!!!

Have fun with these! There's TONS of fun stamps that could be associated with themes or food items in your recipe. And there's always the card stock and decorative papers that will do that too!

If you click on the photo you can see the recipe better in the event that you'd like to make this wonderful cake!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by,


Angie Tieman said...

Very cute recipe page!! Love the way the orange stamp ties in with recipe!

Unknown said...

What a cute recipe page. I love your idea about gathering recipes at family gatherings. Lots of possibilities there for recipe albums as gifts! Thanks for the tip.

Nikki Bond said...

How cute!!! I love that little set! It's perfect of recipe cards! TFS {SMILES}

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a homemade Wedding Shower gift. The card looks as yummy as the recipe sounds.

Dorothy said...

The recipe card it too cute and the recipte sounds so yummy - I'm gonna e-mail you with a recipe question. As always, Thanks for sharing!

Elaine said...

I made that cake last month for my dad's birthday! It was sooooo easy and delicious! I should make another! lol Great recipe card!!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea, I am going to have to have to start one.

Michelle Tweedy said...

Great Recipe page. I have been thinking about one of these for years. It's my plan to make one of my kids favorite recipes when they move out. I should probably get started. The oldest will be senior in a few months!