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Monday, July 16, 2007

Scary Monster!

Switching gears a little here. I mostly do cards. But when I think about it, there's probably as many cards on here as there are little gift items, etc. But I can say I don't do a lot of scrapbook pages and that is something I am going to be challenging myself to do. I need to keep a good balance of stamp crafting, cards and scrapbook pages!!!

This set is SO adorable but not as cute as the "Best Fiends" set was. But this will still do for this 6 x 6 recipe swap card. I LOVE making these for my recipe book. I have been collecting recipes since I was 16 (A VERY long time!) and I want to put my favorite recipes on these cards. It really dresses up a recipe card now doesn't it? These make great gifts too.

You set up your computer to print out your wording within a 5" x 5" space. You want to have some room on the sides for layers and sponging and just space to make it look even. I typed in my recipe and I printed out about 6 of them. I plan on keeping 4 so 6 is usually pretty close! I lose one or two with experimenting. And when I don't I have an extra for a gift for someone special!! Now once you set up your page, save it. This way you can just go in and make the changes for another recipe and do a "save as" for it and you've got another page saved. Though I usually just do a regular save since I REALLY don't want to make any more of the pages I've already done. They never turn out the same anyway. I just make the amount I want with the first run and that's it.

Once you print your recipe on card stock cut it to 5 3/4" x 5 3/4", enough room for the 6" x 6" piece of background layered card stock to go behind it. You don't need to do a layer but it does make the card look better. Stamp your images on the recipe and color them in as you like. For this one I used googly eyes on the spiders and Frankie. I glued them in place with Crystal Effects. I didn't want any glue to show. Once it dried and my layering was done I slipped it into the 6" x 6" scrapbook sleeve along with the other recipes! Eventually my book will be full of cute little recipe cards that are also fun to look at. And the bonus to doing this is that each page is in a plastic sleeve so there will be no sticky recipe cards!!!

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mom2iande said...

I like that recipe card...would be cute for a "monsters party". Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. I can see someone doing this and putting in an album, or a group of ladies making these and swapping. That would be fun. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Tweedy said...

Fabulous idea! And you're recipe card is adorable. You are always so inspiring! TFS

Anonymous said...

This is just fantastic. Need to learn how to operate my computer.