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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scary, Isn't He?

I can't wait to tell my son I put a photo of him on the Internet. It could be worse, it could be the "potty chair" photo!!! LOL I'm saving that one to show someday to his fiance!!! Revenge is SO sweet!!! LOL

We had to blow out the candle because this kid LOVED fire! He was SO excited on his first birthday (a month before Halloween) and he just wanted to touch the flame.

Notice the background paper here, not just the paper on the page but behind it? It's from last year and of course it's retired. SO when you buy these decorative papers, USE them!!! I will eventually use these but they can not be used on anything you demo.

This page is done in the same size as the recipe card I posted yesterday. It's 6" x 6". It's a very nice size to display some of your favorite photos. It's more portable than a large album and it sits nicely on an end table or coffee table. I like the 6" x 6" pages. Plus you have less space to decorate!!!

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June Houck said...

No, not scary...he is adorable!!! He is gonna break some hearts :)

Angel said...

Too cute.... love your page!

Diane said...

Gorgeous boy you got there!!!
The card is almost as gorgeous,lol.

Michelle said...

Love this!! So adorable:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute layout! Thanks for sharing.