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Friday, July 27, 2007

Here, Kitty Kitty

I LOVE cats and of course stamps of cats! I bought this set not only because of the cats on it but because one of the stamps reads "Happy Birthday from the cat." Well, I thought my son would get a BIG kick out of it if I made a card for him with this set!

Last week a friend of mine told me her cat she had for 20 years died. SO I thought I would make her a sympathy card with this set. Our pets become such a part of our family that we feel a great loss when they are gone. This was the card I made for her. I used one of my favorite card layouts. You can find the instructions for the card here. Click on January 2007 on the right side of her blog to find the tutorial. It's very easy to make. I did find a better way to do the second (larger) hole punch. You don't need to trace the circle. Just take a piece of copier paper and place it behind the smaller hole on your top piece of paper. You may want to add just a touch of tape to keep it from slipping but I don't always find that necessary. Line up your larger punch around the smaller circle, try to center it as much as possible and punch it out. A small ring of the top colored paper will pop out along with the copier paper. You are now ready to finish your card as directed in the tutorial. I find this method easier since trying to turn the paper over and line it up to trace the circle was more difficult for me.

I kept the colors a bit drab. I didn't want to dress it up too much. I used Basic Black, Sahara Sand and Whisper White card stock. It's a subtle sympathy card.

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Unknown said...

A sad occasion but such a nice card, to show your friend you care.

i might buy this set to demo for cat lovers

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

How sweet you are. Nice to know people who do realize how much our pets mean to us. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Michele Kovack said...

What a cute card...sad reason to send one..but cute card!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, you are the only other stamper that I know (so fa!) that has made a pet sympathy card! I "lost" my beautiful cat of 18 years, 2 years ago. I was heartbroken. I had a rubber stamp made from a b&w photo of him & made some pet sympathy cards. I donated some to his Vet to sell & asked them to donate the money to someone who maybe couldn't afford the vet fee's.
It made my heart SMILE when I saw you too love cats & had made this cute card!
You have AMAZING talents! I just love exploring your blog!
Sunshine xo