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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pretties Kit Tutorial Part 2

Making your Pretties pretty using your ink pad and markers.

For this flower I used Pretty in Pink and a sponge. I used my finger to cover the ridges in the flower and sponged over the edges, including the tip of my finger. If you have acrylic nails you may want to cover them for this technique. You WILL get ink on your fingers. I went over the flower several times to get it as dark as I possibly could. Don't worry about how dark it is, as you proceed it will get lighter, trust me here!

After your petals are nice and dark you will be adding the yellow. For mine I used the Apricot Appeal marker and just colored in from the center of the flower out to about 1/4" from the edge of the pink. You want to leave 1/4" of white showing. Now you are going to take your aqua painter or a wet paint brush and starting from the middle of the flower (one petal at a time) you will be dragging the color towards the white part. You will see a bleeding effect happening. It will start from the center and work it's way to the tip of the petals. If this is not happening then your brush is not wet enough. You don't want it too wet either but if it is too wet take a paper towel and blot it, stopping the bleeding from contusing. You want the bleeding to go almost to the tip of the flower. This will take some practice. You can always wash off the ink and start again (using the same colors, washing the petals does not remove all the color but most of it). After you've done all four petals allow the flower to dry just a little. You want it damp but not wet. Again you can use the paper towel to help this process along.

I then took the apricot marker and drew in a bit more color with the marker end. Since the flower was still damp the color bled just a little, just enough to give it an even look.

Then I colored the center with Green Galore. I took the aqua painter again and touched it lightly. I didn't want the color to bleed too far. Then I stopped the bleeding with a paper towel and added a little Sage Shadow to darken the center just a bit more. Set it aside to dry.

While that is drying, take another flower the same size and sponge Pretty in Pink on it lightly. You don't want this one as dark as your other one. This will go behind the flower that is drying.

I added a rhinestone brad to the center and it's now ready for any of my projects.

I also made a second flower to see if I could follow my own directions!!! This one I did a little lighter. I like how both of them turned out.

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Lorie said...

Absolutely beautimus! Thanks for the lesson!

Melissa said...

Fabulous! Thanks again Wanda!

Unknown said...

Great job on the tutorials!