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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Very Punny Pig

I thought I'd try my hand at a mini composition book! I saw a few on Splitcoast and thought they were just adorable! For this project I bought a pig pen (still makes me laugh!!!) at Target's Dollar Spot. That store must love all of us stampers!!! I removed the pig from the top of the pen. Not an easy thing to do but it can be done! There is a spiral wire in the bottom of the pig but with a little tugging it comes out. I took a regular #2 pencil and cut it in half. Personally I think half was too short so the next one I will cut the pencil at 3/4 it's original size. Then I covered the pencil with decorative paper using the Anywhere Glue Stick from Stampin' Up! Fabulous item!!! I took a pliers and pinched the edges a bit on the end of the pencil so it would fit into the bottom of the pig better. In the future I will just run it through the pencil sharpener for a second just to shave the edges a bit. I glued the pencil in place and then returned the Marabou feathers to the bottom of the pig to hide where it was attached. Word of warning here. That type of feather leaves little feather pieces flying around for days. Just when you thought you had them all vacuumed up one will float by while you're working!!!

Now onto the composition book. I covered it with the decorative papers. I used the tag punches and a piece of the Hodgepodge Hardware. I did end up gluing the ribbon down because the hardware kept flopping forward. It could use a little more finesse (maybe on the next one!).

It was a fun item to make (other than the feathers flying! When I removed the pig from the pen it looked like molting season in my workroom!!!).

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L8ybug2 said...

This is adorable. I wish I had a Target close by, my daughter collects pigs and I would love to make one of these for her B'day. TFS!

Michelle W. said...

I just love this little notebook with the pig. That piggy pen is also adorable! You did great with this combo! Anyone would love to get this little gift!

Kimber said...

I love that it sooo cute, especially the pencil. I was we had a Target in Canada :-( ~Kimber~