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Friday, January 26, 2007

Pint Size Milk Carton with Recipe and Pattern Links

Ok, here it is! A smaller version of the first milk carton I posted a few days ago. This one is shorter and it comes with a pattern!! Oh and a recipe for Milk Bath. I made this milk carton the same way I did with the other one. I used the eraser end of a brand new #2 pencil for the spots. I used the Stampin’ Up! sets, Label Classics and Very Punny. I used a one inch piece of black card stock for the band and I ran it through the paper crimper first. Make sure you place the milk bath in the carton before you begin sealing up the top. For this one I only glued half of the top shut. The other half I used a punch and tied a ribbon. I thought it would look nicer and be easier to open and it wouldn’t ruin the carton once it’s opened.

Milk Bath Recipe
1 cup Fine Sea Salt
2 cups powdered milk
4 to 8 mL desired fragrance

Measure out fine Sea Salt, add fragrance. Mix well. Add milk powder and blend, making sure all ingredients are well combined.
Other recipes can be found by going to and entering in Free Milk Bath Recipe.

The pattern is from the website By Donovan.

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cynlo said...

This is really cute! And a really cute idea. I'd like to use this idea some time. I just need to find an occasion. Thanks for the instructions!