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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's That Time

I have surpassed the 5000 hits mark, thanks to all of you who stop by to see what's new! Now what I wouldn't give for a pair of AA batteries for my camera. I was tempted to take the ones out of the TV remote control last night but we all know we just don't go there!!! Imagine having to get off your butt to turn a TV channel?? Unheard of! And personally I don't think those batteries are all that great either. SO, I'm going to venture out in the cold and I mean cold!! It's SO cold there is no temperature right not. It's zero! Brrrr! But I guess that's what makes us Minnesotans so hardy!!! I will post a photo of the "Candy Blog" give away items when I return. In the meantime there's still time for you to comment on the blog in the "It's Getting To Be About That Time" post. Stay tuned!!

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