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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Very Punny Milk Carton

I kept seeing these fabulous milk cartons on Splitcoast and just had to make one for myself. It was SO much fun!!

After printing and cutting out the pattern I had a bit of difficulty trying to figure out how the top closed. But once I got that figured out the rest was smooth sailing!

I took a brand new pencil with a perfect eraser and used the eraser to stamp the dots on my card stock! Then I assembled the carton. After I saw it assembled I knew exactly what else I wanted to put on it. I took a 1 inch piece of black card stock and crimped it. Then I taped it in place. I was going to do the cow on a tag but I decided to put it in a frame and cut the frame out. and tape it in place. The words were done with a label maker. I figured they would be much straighter if I did them that way then printing them on the computer and then trying to stamp exactly where I wanted the frame to go. Then I dug around in my notebooks to find my recipe for milk bath. I whipped up a batch of that, poured some in a baggie, tied it shut and put it in the milk carton!! It was SO fun and I just loved every minute of making it!

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Unknown said...

This is absolutely adorable! I love how you added the spots to go with the cow! I'm going to have to look up this pattern and whip up some milk cartons for gifts!