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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Boo to You, Stamping Tip

Today I'm going to share with you the cover of my "Boo to You" stamp set.  A week ago I had made some cards using each of these characters (and the words too!).  Yup, I used every stamp in the set.  I can't say that about most of my stamp sets!  

When I colored my cards I also colored the character. I used the colors that I liked the best and knew I would want to make more that color.  The colors are not as dark on the covers as they are on card stock.  The cover is shiny and the card stock was not.  So what I also did was I wrote down what colors I used on each character so I don't have to hunt the card down on my blog to see what was used.  I also did this with the "Back on Your Feet" set but I can't share that cover with you yet. I have not found a color I like for the sloth.  But once I do I will share my cover.  I did not write up what colors I used on that set, so when I get the sloth figured out I will have to go back and figure out my colors and write them down.  

I LOVE how the cover looks when it's colored in.  It makes me want to use it again!!  Stop back tomorrow to see if I did!! LOL

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What a great idea. I say why reinvent the wheel. I make color copies of my cards and save them in albums. I don't want to send the same person the same type of card again. Writing the colors used would make it so much easier to replicate. Enjoy your day!