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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Smitten, Snowflake Sentiments,Christmas Card

Today's card was super fun to make.  There was a video I found that was easy to follow.  I made a couple minor changes.  I changed the orientation of the embossed cable background and I used different wording. You can see that video here.  

I did have a little difficulty with that fine silver thread.  The video said to wrap it around your fingers about 4 times or so.  I wrapped it around my fingers and hardly any of the thread showed behind the circles.  I must have smaller hands than the gal in the video.  There needs to be a "wrap" standard.  I took my size "D" clear block. I wrapped the thread around ti about 4 times and just slid it off the block.  The next time I wrap around a block, I'm going to start on an edge instead of in the middle.  That way you can grab the end threads and slide the whole thing off easier.  So once I got the threads off I was able to place them as shown in the video.

It's a fun card to make and like I said, it is very easy oh and it's a quick card too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Kathy Bolam said...

Love the sweetness of your card, Wanda. Reminds me of my mittens of years ago.