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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hang Your Stocking, Christmas Card, Candy Cane Lane Decorative Paper

I took a picture of this card at Terri's "Holiday Extravaganza in September.  It was on Shelley's display boards.  I did change the card a little, only because I didn't have the wording she used.

Her card read "wishing you a sweet season".  It was stamped in black and stamped before it was textured.  She had the star to the left of the wording.  Mine is kind of the opposite.  I am saying kind of because my wording is on a separate piece of card stock and it's layered. Hers was directly on the background piece.  

I tried to out the star to the left, near the left edge but when I set the wording on the card, it looked out of place.  It wasn't making my eyes move around the card. It kind of got stuck in the top center of the card.  So I moved the words to the left and then set part of the star on top of it and I liked that SO much better.  So, like I said, it's kind of like Shelley's card, but not!

It was a fun card to make.  I'm glad I wasn't making a lot of them because the little images were from the "Candy Cane Lane" Decorative Series Paper and were cut by hand.  I'm not so fond of fussy cutting anymore!!  

I didn't have enough Real Red Baker's Twine so I went in my sewing stuff and found some DMC floss in red and used it.  It doesn't match the Real Red twine but it worked just the same.  Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do!!

I think it's an adorable card!!

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thanks so much for your great design ideas...I find when I pin cards from pinterest they are usually you