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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Spooky Fun Accordion Technique Halloween Card

Today I am going to share with you a fun card that Nancy made using the Accordion Fold Technique.  It's a simple technique to do and I LOVE how Nancy used it on her card. She used the "Spooky Fun" stamp set.  I bought the set but not the dies.  

For this technique you pick an item you want for the center of the inside of the card.  The number of item depends on the size of them.  There's 7 little bats in the center of this card. You fold your image in half and tape the edges to the next image. You need very sticky tape or better yet, glue.  You want to make sure they hold up well.  After you glue the images together, you affix them to the inside of the card. Again you will need something strong.  And that is it. Embellish your card as you wish!  Oh, I almost forgot.  You really want to use decorative papers for your images, card stock is too thick and your card could get extremely bulky.

Isn't it a fun and easy technique?  Have fun with it.  I have another sample to share with you.  I may add it tomorrow while the instructions are still fresh in your mind!!!

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