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Friday, July 29, 2016

A Flourishing Phrases and Flourish Thinlits Sympathy Card

I REALLY do like playing with the "Flourish" Thinlits.  I use it wish waxed paper and the pieces come put pretty easy. If they don't pop out right away, I just take the end of my stylus and they pop out.  Some people use dryer sheets.  I don't like to use them because I've found that the tape doesn't stick as well to my card stock, so I just stick with the waxed paper. I've had great luck with it and it's all I use. So when I see a die with lots of intricate details, I no longer look the other way. I use to pass up them because I thought they were too hard to work with.  Well, they were until I found out about the waxed paper.  So it's my go to product, plus it's cheaper than dryer sheets, and my hands don't feel like they are covered in a film of something!

Okay, let's talk about my card. To begin with, I took a folded half sheet of Island Indigo.  I cut my Whisper White card stock 3-7/8" x 5-1/8".  I cut out the flowery image.  Then I spread some glue on a piece of waxed paper.  I folded it in half and squished it flat a bit to get the glue leveled out some. Then I opened up the waxed paper and set the cut image on it to pick up some glue.  It wasn't important to cover the entire piece with glue but enough to make it stick.  I did set another piece of waxed paper on top to make sure I got a better contact with the glue.  I picked up the piece and set it in place on my card stock.  Now there is a glue pen with a fine tip you can use but I don't have one.  I use to have one that was thin enough but on larger pieces, by the time I got to the end the beginning part had already dried, so I just use the glue and waxed paper technique.

Once I got the image glued in place, I added some rhinestones to the round "pod" looking parts. Then I stamped the words using Island Indigo ink.

This was a really simple card to make and I think I would like to make more for other occasions.

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Unknown said...

I used to use the wax paper on the thinlits also but not after I run it through with the shim in my sandwich I put it on the foam and use the brush and the piece falls out of the thinlit and all the little pieces are on the foam. I love, love it. I do really love this card. I have never heard of the glue on wax paper. I'll have to try it. Thanks.