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Saturday, July 02, 2016

A Designer Tin of Cards and Flourish Thinlits Anniversary Card

It is official.  I am crazy.  I don't know why I thought this would be fun!!!  The mind said, "cut this die out of black." So I did.  Then it said, "wouldn't it be fun to add colored card stock to the flowers and leaves?"  I thought it would be pretty but I didn't agree on the fun part!!! LOL  I did cut the flowers out using Blushing Bride card stock and I cut the leaves using Pear Pizzazz card stock.  The trick was to try to keep all of the pieces together so you can pick them out individually and set the colored ones inside the black ones.  I didn't lose a piece!!!  I did cut mine with waxed paper between the die and the card stock so the pieces stuck together for me.  Once I finished a leaf, I put some white glue on the back to hold the pieces in.  I did that with the rest until I had all the leaves and the two flowers filled. I then walked away from it all for a while.  I needed a break.  And once again saying to myself, "What were you thinking?"  But I do have to admit, I do like how it looks. It's like a stained glass flower.  And the funniest thing is, it looks exactly how I imagined it in my head.  That doesn't happen very often!!!  

I glued the flower in place and added some pearls to give it a little dimension.  I set it in place using Dimensionals.

The words are from the "Designer Tin of Cards" stamp set.  That set has a lot of fun wording in it.  I added 3 pearls and set it in place using Dimensionals on the right half of the circle and double sided tape on the left half.  That was it.  Would I do it again?  Probably not, but I'm not going to say never because I do like how it turned out!!!

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mudmaven said...

I love how it turned out! Might even have to give this a try, or maybe just put the black piece on white cardstock and color inside the lines? ~chris

Patti said...

you were up for the challenge...thanks for trying this...convinced me this is not the die for me....haha

Wanda said...

I like the die, I would think twice before I try filling in all of those holes again!!! It was a challenge. I did it once and I may not try it again. Perhaps not on the large die but maybe (someday) on the smaller ones. It's a "been there, done that" kind of thing!!! I don't regret doing it.

Mary said...

Wanda, use that Glad Wrap stuff that is sticky on one side, I think it is called Peel 'n Stick. Lay it over the die cut piece before you take the die out and it should hold the pieces in place for you.

Very pretty card!

Wanda said...

Great idea about the Peel'n Stick paper, thank you for sharing.