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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Another Thank You Chevron Technique

Back in January I had posted a fun "Chevron" technique.  It was simple enough to do and also fun. You can see that technique here.  I found yet another version of the "Chevron" technique.  This one is just as simple but a whole lot quicker.  

For this version you just punch out squares.  The smaller the squares the more you will need to fit across your card (only makes sense, huh?  LOL).  I used the 1-3/4" square punch because I didn't want to be making a ton of squares.  Plus I didn't have a lot of time to be working on this.  

After the squares were punched out I cut them in half.  Then you tape or glue them in a line.  You can achieve this a couple of ways.  You can use the edge of the paper as your guide, which is what I did here. I lined up the tips of the pieces to the edge of the card stock, making sure I got the pieces as straight as possible.  You can also take a pencil and draw a straight line and line up the flat long side of each piece there.  That way would be better since you have a straight line that the long part of your piece would be set up against.  Eyeing the top flat part while lining up the tip of the piece was a bit more difficult.  Why didn't I think of the pencil part the first time around?   Oh well, it's done and it is straight!!!

I do like this technique better than the first one. Mostly because it's quicker.  And now knowing about that pencil line guide I think I will be making more!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Belle said...

Wanda, in general I do not like chevrons but I do like the pattern balance used. Very bright and cheerful TY card.