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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Wetlands Work of Art Birthday Card

My nephew's birthday is on the 26th and I'm actually ready for it!  I most often get his birthday wrong.  Somewhere along the line I thought it was the 19th.  So I would mail his card so it would arrive on or around the 19th.  I think I liked it better when I thought his birthday was the 19th.  At least his card wasn't late!!!!!  LOL

SO, while surfing the net under the keywords "Stampin' Up! Work of Art" I ran across this fun and super easy masculine card!  It's tough to find masculine cards that I really like or would like to make.  Some I REALLY like but there's too much work involved in them to try to make them.  But this card was super easy and super fast.  The only complaint I had about it was trying to dry the stamp so I could ink it up with the second color!!! Oh and for that I have found that a few napkins or paper towels folded together help.  When we get fast food, whether we eat in or go through the drive-up, we often end up with lots of extra napkins.  I take them home with me and use them to dry off my stamps.  They don't have lint on them!!! Or food!!! LOL  

I found this pretty card here.  It was made by Lisa at "Add Ink and Stamp."  The minute I saw that card I knew I was going to make it and I knew who I was gong to make it for!!!  This is one of those cards that you can just whip up a lot of them in no time at all!!  I need to just sit down and play with that "Work of Art" set and see what I can come up with on my own!!!  Wish me luck there!

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