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Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Frost Designer Bag Weekend Project

I found this fun bag while surfing on Pinterest.  I have spent WAY more time on that site than I planned to!!!  And I know I'm not the only one who can say that!!  But there are fun things on there and I have learned stuff too.  So I guess that makes being on there ok, right?  Can you see that I'm trying to get some allies to help me justify the time I spend on Pinterest?  LOL 

This bag was actually very simple to make.  And when I go to make more of them I am going to change the pattern just a little bit.  I am going to make a score line in the middle of the sides and an upside down "V" from corner to corner, meeting in the middle.  I don't care much for bags that sort of form the fold line on the sides.  I like the crisp lines and I like my bag to fold with the score lines.  It has a much cleaner and neater look.  Ok, with that said I will continue!  I added a bit of bling to the bottom corner.  I had made these scored circle things a while back for a card swap and I had an extra one that was just sitting on my counter.  It must have been sitting there for this very reason!!!  See, this is why I never throw out stuff!!  

To close the top of the bag, you punch a couple of holes and tie a bow.  There's lots of other ways you can close the bag too.  I am thinking that my next one may close with Velcro.  That way I could move the rosette looking thing up to the tip of the flap.  Or move the rosette thing down a little below the tip of the bag so that tip fits behind the rosette thing and stays closed that way.  LOTS of options for the closure on the bag.

One tip on the bag.  Watch the video carefully.  You are directed well on the scores and the first cutting but when it comes to cutting the sides you have to remember to leave a little paper on each side so you have something to glue the sides to.  And use glue!  Snail won't stick for long and Sticky Strip is difficult to work with when you are doing long strips.  I don't have a lot of luck with taping long sides of bags like that.  Glue is my fixative of choice here.  Okay, I think that is it!!!  You can find the instructions to make this bag here.  

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Tanja said...

very pretty!! thanks for sharing. this would make any gift so special :)