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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Color Me Christmas Christmas Tree Card

I though it was now time to post some Christmas cards.  I was going to wait a bit longer but I realized that people are starting to look for ideas for their Christmas cards.  I realized that when I was surfing for some Christmas card ideas myself.  

I had run across a card by Amy O'Neill.  I took part of her layout on the background and that was about it.

I liked the embossed "X"'s. I didn't have the same decorative paper she used so I used a piece from the"Season of Style" paper pack. I didn't have the same stamp set she used so I used the tree from the "Color Me Christmas" set.  I didn't have the same color ribbon so I used some red taffeta that I had.  Other than the embossed edges this card doesn't look much like Amy's card at all.  That just proves that you can find inspiration in any card you see.  Pick a part you like from one card (or several cards) and put a card together to create an original card!!  The best of the best!!!

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