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Friday, May 06, 2011

Stampin' Mist Technique Page Notebook

Well, I recounted and I needed one more technique page to make set #4 complete, and this one is it!!!  I have 4 techniques sitting in square boxes waiting to be put together.  That is one of my jobs this weekend.  Get all of those pages done so on Monday (yes, Monday) I will send out the email letting those on the list know the pages are ready!!!  If you'd like to be added to that list just email me here.  It will be a few weeks before the set #4 is available on CD.  I will announce that too!   

This fun technique involves some VersaMark, an ink pad and Stampin' Mist.  It's a very easy technique to do and the smell in the room when you are done is wonderful.  That Stampin' Mist smells SO good!!  Oh and it cleans your stamps too!!! LOL

To do this technique you first cover a piece of card stock with your ink pad.  I made sure mine was freshly inked so it didn't take so long.  Then you add VersaMark to the image.  Spray it with the Stampin' Mist and stamp it on the card stock.  When it dries it gives a light/dark bleached type look to it.  A fun technique!  And no, once the card stock dried it didn't smell like the Stampin' Mist anymore!! 

I had some papers that were already punched so I thought I would make a notebook using the technique in the background.  I do regret using the Aviary set.  Or perhaps I should say that I regret cutting the cage out.  A white background on an open cage doesn't make any sense at all!!!

Now I'm off to put those 4 sets together so I'm set for Monday!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today!

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