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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello Blossoms

Well, what a fun little stamp this one is!!! I've had it for quite a few weeks and have not used it yet.  I had seen some cards made using it but wasn't in the mood to color in each flower individually.  I need to be in the right mindset to take on things like that.  I was ok with coloring in the green part.  I was hoping I could just stamp it all in green and cover up the flowers with the buttons but that didn't work.   Most of the flowers were bigger than the buttons.  SO I took my marker and colored in the leaves, stems and the grassy part.  I huffed on it and stamped it on my card stock.  I usually measure my card stock by the size of the wooden block.  I believe this one was 2" x 3".  

For the flowers I used buttons from the Brights collection.  In the center of each button is a brad I had cut the prongs way down.  There was less than 1/4" stub left.  I set the cut brads in place using Crystal Effects.  Once the brads were set I glued the buttons in place using Crystal Effects.  

I do like the flower part of the card but the left side sure could use some more work.  I am regretting the ribbon and placing that panel behind the flowers on there the way I did.  I can't take it apart because tape and decorative paper are not friendly when trying to reposition things.  If it were taped to card stock it may be easier to move so because it's taped to decorative paper I'm literally stuck with it looking this way!  

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Anonymous said...

Wanda, I really like the left part of your card. It all really jumped out at me. I love it and will probably CASE it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I think that your card is wonderful. No need to change anything - perfect as is. Thanks for sharing.